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FAQ#: 10001 / I can log in, but the list of courses I can enter is incorrect.
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Symptom: (public)

When you go to your 'My Moodle' page, you will see a list of courses you have permission to enter. If Moodle does not have a correct list of your enrollments, the list will contains courses you do not think you should be enrolled on, or it may not contain courses you think you should be allowed into.

Problem: (public)

Moodle obtains its information about which courses students are enrolled on from the School of CS ARCADE system and the university-wide Campus Solutions system. If you do not have access to a course then it means that the information provided by one or both of these systems is incomplete or inaccurate.

Solution: (public)
If you are an undergraduate student, the fastest method to obtain access to a course is to ensure that your details in ARCADE are correct and up to date. Please contact your course tutor, the head of the undergraduate school, or John Latham to check and correct your ARCADE details. Your enrollment information will be updated by 11:00 the next day.
If you are a postgraduate, you will need to ensure that your details in the Campus Solutions system are up to date. Please contact the student support office for assistance. Your enrollment information will be updated as soon as the information feed from Campus Solutions updates to reflect the changes (I can not guarantee times for this). If you have corrected your Campus Solutions information and haven't been given access after a couple of days, please contact the moodlesupport address.
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Please contact moodlesupport directly for assistance.