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FAQ#: 10004 / I can not log in: 'LDAP-module can not connect to any servers'
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Last update: 08/29/2013 12:32:15

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Symptom: (public)
You attempt to log into Moodle, but Moodle reports the error "LDAP-module can not connect to any servers".

Problem: (public)
Moodle has been unable to establish a connection to any of the University of Manchester LDAP servers. Moodle authenticates usernames and passwords against the University's LDAP system, and in order to do so it needs to connect to the LDAP server and issue a number of queries. If the connection fails, you will receive this message.

Solution: (public)
This error is generally caused by the LDAP system becoming overloaded, or by network problem. Wait a few minutes, and then try logging in again. If the problem persists, please contact moodlesupport to report the problem - if there are known networking issues, a message will be posted on the login form and front page of the course (if possible!)